The Woman Behind The Hair

Tatiana Hair Extensions - The Woman Behind The Hair

The Story of Tatiana Karelina

Since the opening of her flagship salon in Kensington, Tatiana Karelina, has quickly impacted the London beauty landscape.  A combination of superior quality hair, a top-notch attachment technique and an emphasis on creating an unrivalled client experience define Karelina as a pioneering businesswoman.

Born in Russia, Karelina graduated from Moscow University in 2002 with a degree in Linguistics before moving to the United States where she was, by chance, first introduced to hair extensions. Moving to London a few years later she rapidly gained experience and expertise by training with a notable London hair extension salon, which at the time was regarded to be one of the best in the industry.

By 2008, Karelina, realising a gap existed in the market, decided to branch out on her own and design a salon that echoed the sophistication of her clients.  From the outset her revolutionary approach to extensions was clear.  Instead of conforming to industry practice Karelina became a mistress of innovation.

Karelina’s contributions to the advancement of hair extensions in the UK include being the first to break with the dated practice of using damaging glue to attach the extension hair and the first, given her local knowledge, to be able to source extension hair directly from her native Russia.  In doing so Karelina is able guarantee to her clientele that they are getting hair of the highest quality and by eliminating the “hair broker” the most competitive prices. “I sincerely believe that no other hair extension salon in the UK can make this claim", says Karelina.

A roster of high profile clients, explosive press and an emphasis on creating a unique client experience has prompted Karelina to extend the luxury extension experience from her salon in London to Manchester with further salons planned for Toronto, New York and LA.

Karelina credits her success to date because of her philosophy. “I offer a very personal service. Every client is an individual and I make it a point to understand their personality before I can determine what will work on them,” says Karelina.

She believes, above all, that when you accept responsibility for how someone looks and you understand the impact self-image has on a person’s happiness and success, changing someone’s hair becomes a very serious business.