Micro Rings and Micro Loops


Micro rings hair extensions and micro loops hair extensions are two very confusing terms in the field of hair extensions. To someone who has a little background in hair extensions, these terms would simply refer to two different types of hair extension applications. Surprisingly, micro ring hair extensions and micro loop hair extensions refer to exactly the same thing. 

“Micro ring hair extensions” is the term more readily used in Europe. As a matter of fact, micro ring hair extensions are one of Europe’s leading hair extension techniques. With more and more people experiencing the advantages of using micro rings, and providing positive testimonials of this, the demand for micro rings has never been greater.

In North America, this very same type of hair extension is widely known as micro loop hair extensions. Only a few people, more often than not hair extension technicians from Europe, are aware that this type of hair extension has two different names for two regions separated by the Atlantic. Like in Europe, the micro loops hair extensions has never failed to capture the attention of North Americans. Also one of North America’s leading type of hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions are highly sought after by customers, both in hair extension shops and online. 

Micro rings or micro loops are characterized by small rings made of silicon or plastic. Some rings are made of copper, with a plastic laminate, to cushion the hair. Because the rings are very small, no one will notice your extensions unless you tell them. Perhaps the most important property of micro rings, the main reason why most people prefer using them, is the absence of glue, sewing, or braids in the process. In effect, hair will not be damaged even after the micro rings or micro loops are removed.

Micro ring hair extensions are very easy and safe to attach to your true hair. This technique involves positioning a weft of extensions where you want them attached. The hair strands from the weft and those from the client’s scalp are joined together by pulling them through a micro ring or micro loop. The hair extension technician then pushes the ring closest to the scalp and flattens it, to ensure that the extensions are tightly attached. Repeatedly done, this completes your undetectable micro ring hair extensions. 

The use of micro rings, however, is not the single best way to ensure your extensions are 100% concealed. There are also other factors to consider, such as the colour of the client’s hair and its texture. To achieve the best result, the technician carefully chooses the right spot to attach the micro ring. The type of hair and its quality must also be as similar as possible. The ultimate goal here is to make the micro ring hair extensions blend with the client’s natural hair. Even if the micro rings are hidden, flawed blending will reveal your extensions to even an untrained eye. 

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